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Another Lust Ray Story chapter 2 - ocshiva
Another Lust Ray Story chapter 2

TF:A Professor Princess makes a love machine turn lust ray, and Prowl, Jazz, Megatron, and Starscream are hit by it making them go after Bumblebee. Can the Autobots keep their friend from getting raped? Or will they make things worse?


"What happend here," Bumblebee asked once he saw everyone lying on the ground.

Jazz and Prowl looked over at him to ask him what he was doing here, and Megatron and Starscream were going to attack him but the four mechs froze. There was something different about him, but they couldn't place it.

"Bumblebee... what," Prowl began.

"Sorry to break up the party," Bumblebee said, "But the boss-bot wanted us to come here in case you guys needed some help.

At the word 'us' they looked down and saw that Sari was with him.

"Umm... guys, why aren't the decepticons attacking us," she asked.

"And why are they staring at me like that," Bumblebee asked.

Megatron snapped out of what ever trance he was in and shook his head. Why was he thinking about that Autobot. He saw that the yellow mech was looking back at him with his beautiful blue optics. That thought startled Megatron, his optics were no different from the other thousands of Autobots; but somehow the innocence in them made him want to corrupt it.

'That little yellow autobot looks absolutely delectable,' Starscream thought. Usually he wouldn't pay attention to such a worthless little autobot, but... wait, he didn't have to explain himself. Licking his lips he stared down lustfully at Bumblebee.

"Guys, can we just get the all spark fragment and leave," Bumblebee said nervously. "I don't like the way Megatron and Starscream are looking at me."

"Don't worry, leave it to me," Sari said with a sly grin, getting out her key.

She started running towards Professor's Princess's love machine to the get the fragment out, but she was noticed by Starscream.

"No so fast kid," Starscream said powering his cannon towards her.

Bumblebee noticed and ran to protect Sari, causing Starscream to stop his attack.

"Why did he stop," Prowl asked.

Using her key, Sari was able to get the fragment out, then she handed it to Bumblebee.

"Way to go Sari," Bumblebee said giving her a thumbs up before bending down to get the shard.

For some reason Prowl, Jazz, Megatron and Starscream found Bumblebee's backside interesting, allowing thier optics to travel down to look at his legs. Bumblebee could feel their optics on him, and he turned around.

"What, is there there something on my back," Bumblebee asked clueless, feeling his back.

'He's so cute when he's clueless,' they thought.

A wicked grin slid across Starscreams face as he got an idea. Flying down he quickly grabbed Bumblebee, and flew away with him.

"BUMBLEBEE,", Prowl, Jazz and Sari shouted as their friend was carried away.

Prowl and Jazz transformed into vehicle mode and drove after Starscream, forgetting about Sari.

"GUYS DON"T LEAVE WITHOUT ME," Sari said trying to catch up. And of course she failed.

Let go of me," Bumblebee said angerily trying to get out of Starscreams grip.

"Now why should I do that little one," Starscream purred, enjoying the feeling of Bumblebee struggling against him.

"STARSCREAM," Megatron yelled flying right behind him.

"Slag," Starscream cursed, "You better hold on," he said to Bumblebee before speeding up.

Bumblebee held on for dear life, much to Starscreams pleasure, trying not to fall to his most certain doom.

'I could get use to this,' Starscream thought as he held Bumblebee closer to him. Not only did he have the all-spark fragment, but he also had this pretty little thing all to himself.

Starscream was so caught up in his own thoughts that he didn't notice that Megatron had caught up with him.

"How dare you take what's mine," Megatron roared shooting Starscream.

During the attack, Starscream lost his grip on Bumblebee, causing him to fall towards the earth very quickly.

Jazz saw this and started to speed up. Just as Bumblebee was close to impact, Jazz transformed back to robot mode and caught Bumblebee. They rolled around a few times, but it ended up that Jazz was on top of Bumblebee.

"Thanks," Bumblebee said looking up at Jazz, truly grateful for the older bot for saving his life.

Jazz felt his faceplate heat up, 'S..sure, no problem," he stuttered not being able to look away. The way Bumblebee's blue optics shined up at him was so... so... What was the word that the organics used? Oh yeah, sexy. He brought his faceplate down lower when he heard someone cough.

"Something wrong Prowl," Bumblebee asked looking past Jazz's shoulder.

"No, I just want Jazz to get off you," Prowl said bitterly.

Jazz climbed off of Bumblebee, and helped him up.

Bumblebee took a quick look around and realized something, "Guy's where's Sari?"


"I can't believe you guys forgot me," Sari complained as they arrived back at the Autobot base.

"For the last time Sair, we apologize for leaving you behind," Prowl said sighing.

"Lucky for us that Megatron and Starscream were so busy fighting each other that they didn't notice us leaving," Bumblebee said, "And we got away with the All-Spark fragment."

"Are you sure you're okay," Jazz asked putting a hand on Bumblebee's shoulder.

"Sure, thanks to you," Bumblebee said happily.

Jazz felt his faceplate heat up again, Bumblebee was just too damn cute.

A scowl formed on Prowl's face plate, he didn't like all the attention Jazz was getting from Bumblebee, even if he didn't know why he cared so much.

"Come on," he said, "Let's give Optimus the all-spark fragment. He took Bumblebee's hand and started dragging him away from Jazz.


"I can't believe I let that cute little Autobot slip through my fingers," Starscream yelled, banging his fist against the wall. "And how dare Megatron claim that Bumblebee is his, I am the only one worthy of having him!"

Starscream vowed that not only would he destroy Megatron and the Autobots, but that he would have Bumblebee to warm his bed once he was the supreme ruler of all Decepticons!

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