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Another Lust Ray Story chapter 3 - ocshiva
Another Lust Ray Story chapter 3

TF:A Professor Princess makes a love machine turn lust ray, and Prowl, Jazz, Megatron, and Starscream are hit by it making them go after Bumblebee. Can the Autobots keep their friend from getting raped? Or will they make things worse?


Later at night, Bumblebee, Sari, Prowl and Jazz were all sitting on the couch, watching a late night movie. It was an romanic comedy that was a favorite of Sari's. She made them watch it with her in order to make up for leaving her behind earlier that day.

Sari was sitting on Bumblebee's knee, and Prowl was sitting to his left, and Jazz was sitting to his right, so that way they both got to sit by Bumblebee.

During the movie Jazz and Prowl kept scooting closer to Bumblebee, 'accidently' brushing agaisnt him. They loved hearing him laugh during the funny parts, they wanted to hug him when his optics started tearing up when the two lovers were being forced away from each other, and when Bumblebee gave a relieved tearful smile when they got back together, the two of them had to resist the urge to kiss him.

Once the movie was over Bumblebee yawn and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

'So cute,' Jazz and Prowl thought, their faceplates heating up slightly.

Bumblebee looked down at Sari to see that she was curled up in a ball fast asleep. Gently picking her up, he got off the couch and started making his way to Sari's room.

"I'll be right back guys," Bumblebee said quietly, "I'm just going to put Sari to bed."

As they watched Bumblebee carry Sari away, they both imagined that it was thier sparkling that Bumblebee was carrying off to recharge.

"He is a fine piece of work," Jazz said with a sly smile.

Prowl nodded in agreement, then snapped his attention towards Jazz.

"Don't talk about my Bumblebee that way," Prowl growled.

"Your Bumblebee," Jazz said in a 'oh no you didn't' voice while standing up. "I don't see your name written on him anywhere."

"Yes, but I've known him longer," Prowl said in a matter of fact tone.

"That doens't mean anything," Jazz shouted, "He likes me better anyways, Bumblebee always wants to hang out with me."

"Only because he wants you to feel welcome," Prowl said crossing his arms, "He's just being nice."

"Oh yeah," Jazz said, "Well everyone knows the only reason Bumblebee ever talks to you is because you're fun to annoy."

"He does it because he craves my attention," Prowl said poking Jazz's chest-plate.

Jazz waved him off, "Tell yourself whatever you need to hear Prowl, but it won't change anything."

Glaring angerily at Jazz, Prowl took out his shurikens while Jazz took out his nunchuks. They were ready to fight to the death when Bumblebee walked in.

"I see that I came in at a bad time," Bumblebee said with a nervous smile while rubbing the back of his head, "I'll just go into recharge now." He then ran off, hoping not to be caught in the cross fire.

"NOW LOOK WHAT YOU DID," they shouted at each other.

"What are you two bots yammering about," Ratchet asked barging into the living room. "Some of us are trying to recharge."

"He..." Prowl and Jazz started, both of them pointing at the other.

Ratchet put his hand up, "I don't want to hear it," he said angerily, "Whatever it is, it can wait after we've all had a decent recharge. Now good-night."

Jazz and Prowl glared at each other one last time before leaving to go to thier rooms.


Megatron punched the wall of his bed chambers, wishing that he could get the image of that yellow mech out of his head. He heard those Autoscum call him Bumblebee; not that it really mattered to him, but he didn't want to keep calling him 'that yellow mech.'

In all his years, he had never met someone who haunted him like this. He would have a fuck everyone in awhile to relieve himself, but never before has he lusted after someone like this. Megatron knew Starscream well enough to know that he wanted Bumblebee too, and that just made him want him more; as childish as it seemed.

He knew that doing such intimate acts with the young Autobot could break him, both physically and mentally. Despite that, Megatron felt his whole body heat up at the thought of taking his little Bee.

Megatron wanted him, and if that meant Bumblebee might go off-line as a result of their bonding, so be it. But if he did survive their first time, Megatron planned on keeping him as a concubine. Only he deserved someone as lustfully beautiful as that yellow mech, and he doubts any of the Autobots had the nerve to take Bumblebee while he was still that young, so he would soley belong to him. He would teach him everything he needed to know to properly please him in bed, and if he deemed him worthy enough, he would have Bumblebee produce a heir for the Decepticon Empire.

A perverted evil smile formed on Megatron's face-plate; yes, he would have alot of fun with his pretty little Bee.


"Hey guys," Bumblebee said walking into the living room where Bulkhead and Rachet were watching the news, "What's going on?"

"Nothing much," Ratchet said, "The only thing going on is that Jazz and Prowl aren't talking to each other."

"Why's that,' Bulkhead asked.

"How the slag should I know," Ratchet said angerily, "Whatever it is they can work it out on their own."

"Alright then, I'm going to see if Sari's awake yet," Bumblebee said before leaving..

As he was walking down the hall, Prowl walked out of his room and saw him.

"Bumblebee, may I talk to you in private for a moment," Prowl asked.

"Whatever it is, I didn't do it," Bumblebee said putting his hands up.

"You didn't do anything wrong, I just wish to talk," Prowl said softly.

Bumblebee knew Prowl wasn't the type to lie, so he followed him into his room, "So what's up?"

Prowl took a deep breath, "What do you think about Jazz," he asked.

Bumblebee blinked a few times, slightly confused, then answered, "He's cool I guess, why?"

"Do you like him," Prowl asked not looking at Bumblebee.

"Sure," Bumblebee said happily, "He's much more likeable then the rest of the Elite Guard."

"What about me," Prowl asked slowly, as if he wasn't sure if he should ask.

"I'm not really sure," Bumblebee said causing Prowl to stiffen, "You always act like you hate me so..."

"You think I hate you," Prowl asked walking over to Bumblebee.

Bumblebee didn't want to look at Prowl so he turned he gaze to the floor, "Well, I just thought..."

"You thought wrong," Prowl said grabbing Bee's chin so he would look at him, "I don't hate you, far from it."

Prowl pulled Bumblebee closer to him, and the smaller bot just stood there, unsure what to do as Prowl pressed their lips together.

Bumblebee squeaked and his hands scaped uselessly against Prowl's chest plate as he tensed. He realized the older bot's glossa was in mouth; he was being kissed, and he shivered as he let out a low moan.

The ninja bot pulled back, but kept his mouth close to Bumblebee's. Smiling, he tenderly stroked his hand down Bumblebee's cheek and murmured, "So beautiful."

Bumblebee looked at Prowl, his optics wide and filled with confusion.

Prowl kissed Bumblebee again, this time allowing his glossa to dive farther into his mouth. He slid his hands down his body, bringing Bumblebee closer to him. When Prowl's hand reached Bee's ass, the younger bot pulled away and did the only thing he could think of.

He ran.

Making his way past Prowl, Bumblebee ran out of his room and went down the hallway.

Prowl stood there in shock for a moment then started to run after him, "Bumblebee, wait."

Hearing him just made Bumblebee run faster.

Jazz was walking down the hall in the opposite direction and smiled when he saw Bumblebee. Before he could say anything Bumblebee ran past him, but he got a good enough look at him to see that he was crying.

"What did you do to him," Jazz asked Prowl when he noticed that he was running after him.

That question caused Prowl to stop running, "I think I just made a huge mistake," he said sadly.

Once Bumblebee was outside of the base he transformed and started to drive around the city.

"What was that all about," Bumblebee asked himself, "I've never seen Prowl act like that before."

He continued driving around when he heard some wicked laughter.

"Well, well, well, looks like you saved me the trouble of having to hunt you down."

Bumblebee transformed back to robot mode, showing his terror filled optics, "Starscream," he said looking at the Decepticon hovering above him.

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