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Requet for sw124 - ocshiva
Requet for sw124

This was a request who wanted me to do story with her OC Jason and her friends OC Diana.



Diana was tossing and turning in her bed, heat consuming her body. She hated being in heat so much, she hated not being able to control her urges.

Soon she couldn't take being inside anymore, she felt like the walls were closing in on her. She climbed out her window and made her way outside, hoping some fresh air and a walk through the woods would calm her down.


"Where's Diana," Jason asked out loud, realizing he hadn't seen her almost all day. "Maybe she's in her room." He checked but she wasn't there. "That's odd."

Then he mentally slapped himself. Diana must be in the woods, she loved going on nature walks. Jason made his way to the woods, hoping he would find Diana.

Once he was a good distance into the forest Jason heard a weird sound. Going to check it out he saw Diana scratching a tree, her tounge sticking out and moaning.

"Diana," Jason said, walking over to her, "Diana what's wrong?" When she only let out a whimper Jason was afraid that she might be hurt so he went even closer to her and put a hand on her shoulder.

Jason didn't expect what happened next. Diana turned around and kissed him right on the lips. At first he was surprised, then he relaxed and began to kiss her back. Diana moaned when Jason slipped his glossa into her mouth, tasting her.

Diana dragged Jason down to the ground with her, licking and kissing his face. Jason moved a hand up to play with one of her ears, causing Diana to moan. He began to kiss his way down her neck, nipping and sucking when ever he could.

"Oh Jason," Diana moaned, tipping her head so he could get better excess to her neck.

His hands traveled her body, bringing her closer so they were chest to chest. They did some foreplay for a while until Diana stood up and removed her dress.

When Jason didn't say anything Diana grew worried, "What's wrong?"

"You're beautiful," Jason said just above a whisper.

Diana blushed sat back down kissing Jason once again. Jason kissed her back, laying her on the ground, playing with her breast. She arched her back, craving more of his touch.

Jason started to kiss his way down her body, stopping to lick and bite. When he arrived at her entrance the scent of her


Jason flicked his tounge agaisnt her most sensitve spot for what seemed like forever, and Diana felt another wave of pleasure wash through her.

"JASON," Diana cried out as her release hit her again, her body shaking wildly. Jason smirked into her folds, shoving his tounge in deeper to devour the juices that he made flow freely from her body. He felt her walls tighten around his tounge as she rode off the aftermath of ther orgasm, screaming and moaning until she was breathless. Jason couldn't take anymore. He needed her now!

Retracting his pelvic plating Jason moved up her body and position himself in front of her entrence, pushing her legs apart as far as they would go. Jason leaned forward and catpured her lips and kissed her hungerly as he thrust into her hot, wet opening. Diana growled and purred against his kisses, tilting her hips up slightly to meet him, to take him inside of her fully. She began to rock against him, but he held her fast, stopping any movement she was attempting to make.

"Be still love," Jason said, knowing if she continued in such a way he would not last long. He needed her, wanted her with every fibre of his being. But he knew that he couldn't let himself lose control, not completely, or he would tear her apart. The last thing he wanted was to cause her pain. Slowly, he began to pump in and out of her tight body, the friction almost causing him to go over the edge in an instant.

Diana wrapped her legs around her lover, moaning and panting with each thrust. Sweat glisten on her body, and she threw her head back with her eyes closed, enjoying the pleasent senstaions he sent through her body. The noises she was making was enouth to make Jason go over the edge, and he began to pound into her, faster and harder with each thrust, lifting her hips up off the bed each time he moved forward. Her eyes flew open and she screamed, a loud, passionate scream which rose from her very core, and her body clenched down around his plug as she took off, feeling as though she were flying.

Diana dug her nails into her nails sinking into his metal as deeply as they could, and that slight pain was enougth to make him lose control. With a loud growl, he spilled his seed into her, thrusting until he was spent and collapsing on top of her but remaining deep within her body. She called out his name and her body thrashed, giving itself over to ecstacy one last time before she, too, collapsed back against the bed, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling his head to her chassis.

"I love you," Diana said kissing Jason.

"I love you to Diana," Jason said kissing her back.

They layed there holding each other and while Jason was happy he was also worried. Because when Jazz and Sirius found out they were going to kill him.




arousal made his mouth water, and he felt his plug twitch with need. But he held himself back, wanting nothing more to give Diana all the pleasure she could imagine and more. His hands held down her hips to keep her still, then slid his tounge in between her folds and licked lightly up and down. A pleasurable growl esaped Diana's lips as Jason's tounge swirled around her clit, sucking and biting down gently.Diana thought that she would surely go mad from the ecstacy of it all. She moaned and gasped, lifting her legs over his shoulders and pushing her hips up to give him better access to her treasure, which belonged solely to him. She had never been with anyone else. 


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