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Lust Chapter 1 - ocshiva
Lust Chapter 1

This is a new story I’m writing and it’s a JazzxBee pairing. Jazz’s lust for Bumblebee slowly consumes him.

Jazz smirked when Bumblebee let out a painful moan when he inserted three fingers into his slick, but unprepared, port.

“Take them out, they hurt,” Bumblebee cried out trying to wiggle away from his fingers.

“Come on now, don’t be like that,” Jazz whispered huskily against his neck, kissing it, “Just relax and I’ll make it good for you, for both of us.”

Jazz dragged his glossa up from Bee’s neck to his horns, taking one in his mouth and sucking on it while he finger fucked his port. He slowly pulled his fingers in and out of Bee, stretching his port. Jazz couldn’t believe how tight it was, he couldn’t wait to bury his plug into that wet heat.

Bumblebee let out a sob which Jazz ignored, allowing his free hand to play with the sensitive wires on his chassis. He needed Bumblebee so badly, so badly that it was eating him up inside.

A sigh of relief escaped Bee’s lips when Jazz pulled his fingers out of him, only to be replaced with a whimper when Jazz brought his hand to his mouth, telling him to lick them clean.

The yellow mech did so, tears forming at his optics as he tasted himself on Jazz’s fingers.

Bumblebee wanted so badly to leave, but when Jazz flipped him on to his back, and lifted his legs so that his ankles were resting beside his head he knew that he wouldn’t be able to. “Please don’t,” he begged Jazz, tears rolling down his cheek.

“Don’t worry Baby Bee,” Jazz said nuzzling his neck, “I’ll treat you real good.” Bumblebee let out a painful scream when Jazz slammed his plug into him.


Jazz woke up with a start, both relieved and disappointed that it had all been a dream.

“Why is this happening to me,” Jazz asked, staring up at the ceiling. He knew that he shouldn’t be dreaming those kinds of dreams about Bumblebee, he hardly knew him.

But of course that didn’t stop the dreams from happening. In Jazz’s dreams he would pound mercilessly into Bumblebee’s tight, slick port, while the younger wrapped his arms and legs around him, letting out sweet moans and whimpers. Everyone found Bumblebee’s voice annoying and loud, but Jazz loved the sound of it, and would give anything for that voice to come out as screams of pleasure, to have it call out his name in the heat of passion. Jazz could imagine Bumblebees yellow head peaking through his legs as he gave him a blow job; that sweet mouth wrapped around his plug while looking up at him with those oh so innocent optics. Then there were dreams like the one he just had, where he forced himself on Bumblebee.

And it wasn’t just in dreams that those thoughts came to him. Sometimes a voice would tell him things like, “Take him, and make him yours no matter what.” “Force him, it would be your word against his, and who would believe him over an Elite Guard officer?” “Throw him to the ground and pound into him until he’s begging for more!”

Jazz always shook those thoughts off. He couldn’t do that, not to Bumblebee. No matter how badly he wanted him, he couldn’t just rape Bumblebee, he wasn’t a Decepticon. Jazz wouldn’t be able to live with himself knowing that he hurt someone so cute, sweet, innocent, pure…

Looking down Jazz realized that he had given himself a hard on. He tried thinking about something else to make it go away, but no matter what he thought of Bumblebee always made his way into them.

Retracting his pelvic plating Jazz grasped his arousal and started to pump, imagining it was Bumblebee’s tight port that was surrounding him.

“Bumblebee,” Jazz moaned out, picturing the pretty yellow mech. He imagined how he would plant kisses on his face, neck and chassis as he thrust into him, causing him to cry out his name in pleasure, begging him for more. And Jazz knew he would gladly give him more.

Jazz started to stroke himself faster, drawing closer to his release with every thought of Bumblebee that passed through his processor. When he came he shouted Bumblebee’s name loudly, making him thankful for the fact he had a sound poof room.

The voice started to speak to him again. “If you weren’t such a cowardly fool you wouldn’t need to do this to yourself. You could have Bumblebee do that, and so much more.”

“Shut up,” Jazz growled lowly. He wanted that voice to go away; Jazz knew he should see Ratchet or some other doc bot, but what was he suppose to say? “I have this voice in my processor telling me to take Bumblebee as my mate. What should I do?”

Everyone would think he was crazy, plus Optimus and his crew would never let him in the same room as Bumblebee again. Slag, he would be lucky if they let him on the same planet as Bumblebee, it was no secret to him how protective they were of him.

Not that he could blame them. Jazz himself was protective and possessive of Bumblebee and they weren’t even together. He remembered one time when Sentinel Prime was bad mouthing Bee so Jazz challenged him to a “friendly” sparring match for an excuse to hit him.

Jazz had to admit that it had felt really good.

After he finished cleaning himself off, Jazz laid back in his berth hoping to catch some more Z’s before he had to get up, which was hard when he was wishing Bumblebee in the berth beside him. Jazz wanted Bumblebee so badly, but he always believed interfacing was something you did to prove how much you loved somebody, and he wasn’t sure how he felt about Bee.

Sure he liked Bumblebee, thought he was fun and enjoyed his company, but he wasn’t sure if the only reason he wanted bed Bee was only because he loved the sight of that tight yellow aft.

As much as it pained him, Jazz knew it would be better, over all, if he kept what he was feeling towards Bumblebee hidden.


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