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Shiva bashing Sentinel - ocshiva
Shiva bashing Sentinel

"WHY CAN'T I SLAGGING TRANSFORM," Sentinel shouted when everyone was preparing to leave.

"Oh that was me," Shiva said walking in the room smiling, "You never obey road laws, so until you do I'm not allowing to transform."

Sentinel kneeled down to look Shiva in the face, "Listen up organic, let me transform or else."

Shiva stared at Sentinel for a moment blinking before pulling out a taser and shocking Sentinel causing him to go into statis lock.

"Umm... Shiva," Optimus asked giving the glasses wearing girl a look.

"I made it so it's powerful enough to take down a transformer," Shiva said smiling, "I need to find some way to defend myself."

"....Alright let's go then."


"Shiva," Jazz began, addressing the young organic girl, "I know you and Sentinel Prime have....issues that you need to work out, but I think it would be best if you gave him the ability to transform again.

Sighing Shiva walked over to the smug looking Sentinel. She removed a patch that matched Sentinels paint job, "There, you can transform again."

"Finally," Sentinel said transforming to his alt mode.

"But if you break any more road laws I made it so a powerful electrical shock will go through out your body," Shiva said walking away.

"WHAT," Sentinel shouted driving in front of Shiva. "Fix it you stupid organic!"

"Never," Shiva said calmly with a smile throwing a smoke bomb on the ground. When the smoke cleared Shiva was gone.

"That girl is good," Jazz said earning a glare from Sentinel.


"Come on Optimus, everyone knows I'm the best choice for the new Magnus," Sentinel said smugly.

"Why would they want a Magnus who screams like a little girl," Shiva asked.

"What? I do not scream like a girl," Sentinel growled.

Shiva smirked cutely, took out her laptop which was showing clips of Sentinel screaming, all of those screams sounding really girly, "I think I made my point."

".....SHUT UP," Sentinel said storming out of the room.

"Nice one," Optimus said to Shiva who just smiled up at him.


"WHY DID YOU PAINT ME PINK," Sentinel shouted at Shiva.

"Because you're a jerk and I hate you," Shiva said typing on her laptop.

"WELL I HATE YOU TOO," Sentinel shouted running out of the room.

"You run like a sissy," Shiva told him smiling, "He is so fun to mess with."

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