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Art Trade - ocshiva
Art Trade

This was an art trade I did with Xing2Lee back on DA. It got deleted so I'm posting it here. It's a BlurrxJet Twins oneshot.


“You two did a great job today,” Blurr said after the Jet twins finished the training course. Of course they always did a good job but it didn’t hurt to encourage the troops. At least that was what Blurr would tell the other officers.


            “Thank you sir,” Jetfire and Jetstorm said blushing a bit. They normally didn’t get that flustered, but they did tend to act different around the speedy intelligence officer.


            Jetfire spoke up first, “So does that mean,”


            “That we will be awarded?” Jetstorm finished. They both looked up at him hopefully.


            Blurr smiled at them and gave them a nod, “Of course, come to my room later tonight. Make sure no one sees you alright?”


            “Yes sir,” the twins said cheerfully, they always made sure no one saw them. They waited eagerly for night to come.



            Once Ultra Magnus excused them for the night, Jetfire and Jetstorm waited in their room for a couple of minutes before sneaking out and making their way towards Blurr’s room.


            For a while now an affair had been going on between the Jet Twins, and the Intelligence Officer Blurr. Every so often when Jetstorm and Jetfire did well with their training Blurr would “award” them.


            A lot of bots would just say that Blurr was using the younger mechs for his own needs, but he always made sure to take care of the twins needs as well.


            He mapped out every inch of their bodies gently, checking for all their hot spots and sensitive areas. Blurr now knew their bodies like he knew the back of his hand.


            The Twins had reached Blurr’s bedroom and knocked on the door three times, letting him know it was them. The door opened, they were quickly pulled into the room and then gently placed on Blurr’s berth before they could even blink.


            Blurr took a moment to look at the young mechs who were lying on his berth, gazing up at him eagerly, and waiting for him to start as they always did.


            “Why don’t you two start tonight,” Blurr said smiling softly at them, “Show me what you have learned.


            Jetfire and Jetstorm stared in surprise as Blurr crawled into the berth, laying down and waiting for them to touch him. They cuddled closer to him, both of them taking a turn kissing him.


            Blurr kissed both of them with equal passion, wrapping an arm around each of them, rubbing their backs.


            Jetstorm started trailing kisses up, stopping once he reached the dark blue antennae, kissing, licking, and stroking it. Jetfire kissed down to Blurr’s neck, biting, sucking and nipping as his servos rubbed his chassis.


            “Oohh… you two are doing great,” Blurr moaned giving their afts a nice firm slap.


            Happy that they were pleasing Blurr, the Jet Twins doubled their actions, wanting to get some sweets moans from the older mech.


            Blurr’s face flushed and let out a long loud moan as the Twins groped, fondled, kiss, bit, licked and sucked on every part of him. A hiss of pleasure escaped his lips when the Twins opened his plating to let out his plug.


            The Jet Twins blushed at the sight of Blurr’s long, hard plug, pre cum oozing out of the slit.


            “Come now, don’t be shy,” Blurr purred bucking his hips up and petted their heads.


            Jetfire and Jetstorm began planted small kisses on, each of them taking turns licking at the tip. When Blurr started moaning in sweet agony they started sucking on him. Blurr squeezed his optics shut and clench the sheets as he exploded in their mouths. They gladly swallowed all of it.


            “You taste good Blurr,” they said once they finished licking him clean.


            “As do you,” Blurr said sitting up to kiss them both. They moaned into the kisses, leaning into the blue mech.


            Blurr brought his hands down to the Twins casing, letting their hard plugs come out. He brought the Twins closer to him so that they were sitting on his lap then started to rub their lengths.


            “Aaaaahhhh,” Jetfire and Jetstorm cried out as Blurr gave them a hand job. Blurr pulled their heads back to he could kiss them, letting them attack his neck with their lips.


            “Are you two close,” Blurr whispered into their audio sensors, speeding up his hands.


            “YES,” they shouted, tears leaking out of their optics, “YES, WE’RE SO CLOSE!” Moments later they came, crying out Blurr’s name as they hit their orgasm.


            As the Jet Twins tried to catch their breath, resting their heads on his chassis, Blurr licked his hands clean, teasing the two younger mechs.


            “You can’t be getting tired can you?” Blurr asked, “There is still more to your award.”


            Blurr moved around the bed, the twins giving him a curious look as he did so. Their lengths harden quickly once more when Blurr showed them his dripping wet port.


            “Si…Sir,” they shuttered as Blurr crawled on to his hands and knees. Did he really want them to…?


            “Come on, I want to see what you boys can give me,” Blurr said giving his aft a wiggle.


            Jetstorm and Jetfire felt energon flow to their faces and their plugs. Moving forward Jetstorm gently eased his way in to Blurr’s port, then pulled out then let Jetfire have a turn.


            That went on for a while then Blurr could not take it any more, “This is taking too long! I want both of you in me!”


            The Twins seemed surprised at this. They didn’t want to hurt Blurr but they also didn’t want to disappoint him.  Jetfire was already in him, so Jetstorm slowly eased his way in beside his brother, both of them moaning at the tightness.


            Pain rushed through Blurr as he was stretched out even further, but it still felt good. The Twins noticed this and stood still until Blurr was ready for them to start moving.


            Luckily for all of them, Blurr got over the pain quickly and bucked his hips up. “Come on you two, I want you to give me all that you got!”


            All the twins could do was grunt in pleasure as they slowly started moving out of Blurr. They would gladly give Blurr everything they had and more.


            Blurr moaned wildly, holding on to the sheets to keep himself from trashing. He was amazed at how good they were at this. Jetfire went to stroke his length and Jetstorm moved up to play with his antennae.


            “Oohh…..ahhh, you two are so amazing,” Blurr moaned out, moving his hips to match with the twins movements.


            “Ah…th...thank you sir,” they said as they quickened their pace and started attacking Blurr’s neck.


            “Yessssss,” Blurr hissed, “I’m getting so close. Please go harder! Go faster!”


            Doing as they were told Jetfire and Jetstorm started slamming into Blurr, their optics half lidded in pleasure. They were not sure how much they could take; it all just felt so amazing.


            Soon enough Blurr came, his port squeezing down on the twins, having them hit their orgasm as well. Once they were done, the Jet Twins gathered what strength they had left to pull out of Blurr and collapse beside him.


            Smiling down at them, Blurr quickly got up to get towels to clean them up, being gentle because they seemed a bit sore. Once he was done be crawled in between them, both of them cuddling up to him and wrapping their arms around him.


            “Recharge now,” Blurr told them quietly and they immediately did so. Giving them each a kiss on the forehead he quickly fell into recharge as well.

______ -----------------


            The Jet Twins woke up the next morning in their own rooms, which normally happened after their nights with Blurr.


            “I wish for once Blurr would let us wake up next to him,” Jetfire said sadly. They could both imagine him kissing them good morning and giving them another round before they had to start the day.


            “As do I brother,” Jetstorm said placing a servo on his brother’s shoulder, “But you and I both know that would risk our affair with Blurr being blown, and Ultra Magnus and Sentinel Prime would not let it continue.”


            Jetfire nodded solemnly, knowing that his brother was right.


            “Come now brother, let’s go get some breakfast,” Jetstorm said.


            They were about to leave when the noticed that some one had left energon and oil for them on the table in their room. Next to the food was a note.


            Jetfire and Jetstorm,


            See you at training. It’s going to be trough today, so fill up. I know you will do great today as always.


            Love Blurr.


            The Jet Twins smiled at the note, their sparks being filled with warmth. They ate their breakfast happily knowing that even what they were doing would be seen as wrong in the optics of their team mates, that none of that mattered because Blurr cared and loved them. The same as they did for him.

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