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LOSH Desire chapter 2 - ocshiva
LOSH Desire chapter 2

A giant snake like alien was attacking the city; everyone was running around trying to find a safe place to hide. The snake was knocking down buildings, tossing people with its tail, and shooting poison needle like things from its mouth.

“Oh man, I hate snakes,” Lighting Lad said.

“You can’t tell me you’re afraid of a damn reptile,” Superman X said.

“Ophidiophobia is actually quite common,” Brainy said.

“I’m not afraid of it, I just don’t like snakes,” Lighting Lad shouted.

“Sure,” Superman said smiling.

“Can we please focus on the snake,” Brainy asked, “We need to stop it before it can destroy anything else.”

Lighting Lad shot some lighting at the snake, but it didn’t affect it at all.

“What kind of snake is this,” Lighting Lad asked after a few more failed attempts to stop it with his lighting.

“I have heard of snakes that grow to a large size,” Brainy informed them, “But they’re supposed to live wild in a different galaxy.”

“Then what is one doing here,” Clark asked.

“I don’t care as long as I get to fight it,” Superman X said.

It seemed when ever Superman and Superman X were forced to work together; Superman X always felt the need to show Clark up. It wasn’t that he didn’t like the original; he just wanted to show Brainy that he was better than Superman. Superman X knew it sounded childish, but he wanted Brainy to pay more attention to him out side of a mission.

Flying down, Superman X grabbed the snake by its tail and lifted it from the ground. The snake started to struggle, but his grip was too strong, so in an act of desperation it shot out some poison needles randomly.

Superman X noticed this, and saw that they were heading directly towards… “Brainy,” he called out hoping the young android would get out of the way in time.

Brainy didn’t see them in time, but he was saved by a red and blue blur.

“Thank you Superman,” Brainy said looking up at his blue eyed hero.

Superman smiled down at Brainy, glad that he was able to save him in time, and that he could hold Brainy in his arms. He loved the feeling of being near him and holding him. Clark remembered when he saved a woman in the 21st century they would give him a kiss. He wished that Brainy would do that too.

Glaring down at the two, Superman X wished that Superman would stop holding Brainy so close.

“What are you going to do with the snake,” Lighting Lad asked, interrupting Superman X angry thoughts.

Thinking that this would be the perfect chance to impress Brainy, Superman X flew higher, and then he threw the snake directly into the sun.

Lighting Lad let out a long whistle, “Nice throw big guy.”

They flew back to the ground where they met up with Superman who was still holding Brainy. “Good job,” Superman said smiling at his clone.

“Shouldn’t you let go of Brainiac,” Superman X asked resisting the urge to take Brainy from him.

Blushing, Superman realized he was still holding Brainy very close to him. Saying a quick sorry, he set Brainy down.

Brainy, who had remained silent for the most part, wondered why he had let Superman carry him for so long. In an attempt to forget about it, he turned his attention to Superman X. “You were great today,” he said giving him a smile.

“Thanks,” Superman X said turning away from everyone to hide his slight blush. Brainy was just too damn cute.

Seeing Superman X turn away so he was no longer facing him, Brainy looked down sadly, ‘I guess he still doesn’t like me,’ he thought.

A cloaked figure, who had been watching the four Legionnaires, chuckled. “I should have known that sending something like a snake wouldn’t have taken them down. But at least I have a little love triangle to work with.”


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