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Superman and Superman X had every little in common. People would say if it wasn’t for their powers you would never guess that Superman X was a clone of the original. They looked some what similar, but they were two completely different people. But the two of them had one big thing in common.

They both had feelings for Brainy.

Clark had realized it shortly after he went home to the twenty-first century. He found that he could hardly stand to get up in the morning because he knew that Brainy wasn’t going to be there. When Clark returned to the thirty-first century he was glad to see Brainy again, and happy to see that the young android seemed to miss him too. Through he wished Brainy had kept his hair long. It was great seeing the other Legionnaires, but he wasn’t really ready of Superman X.

At first Superman X believed that Brainiac Five could not be trusted. When the original Superman showed up, he was surprised by how close he was to the android, and was even more surprised by how much it bothered him. As he got to know Brainy, Superman X got over his mistrust. However he always got annoyed by how fondly Brainy spoke of the original Superman, he was just as good as the original if not better.

Both Superman’s began having thoughts about Brainy. They started out innocent enough, wondering what his skin felt like, if his hair was as soft as it looked, and how much they loved his smile. But as time went on, their thoughts towards Brainy started to turn more… dirty. It got to the point where they couldn’t even look at the Legion’s youngest member without wanting to use their x-ray vision on him.

They both cared for Brainy, and knew touching him in such an intimate way would hurt him, it would be even worse seeing how strong they were.

Soon their feelings for Brainy turned to pure love and lust. Neither of them could stand going a day without seeing or touching Brainy, even if it was just the brushing of the hands.

Poor innocent little Brainy had no idea how badly the two Superman’s wanted him. How much they loathed their tight outfits because of him, how they tossed and turned in bed at night because he wasn’t in there with them.

The two Superman’s didn’t know that the other had the same feelings towards Brainy as the other. They thought the only thing standing in their way was the fact they were from different times. But they both wanted to find a way to stay with Brainy.


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